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185 Rue de Tolbiac, 75013 PARIS


104 Rue de la folie méricourt, 75011 Paris


33 Rue des Terres au Curé, 75013 Paris

Because everyone must progress at their own paceLessons adapted by Level

NRFight Club PARIS offers combat sports lessons but also physical preparation in small groups.

Friendly and quality courses are given by professionals.

Our gyms have practice areas for combat sports as well as changing rooms, showers and toilets.

Classic warm-up + muscle strengthening + technical learning. No sparring.
Classic warm-up + muscle strengthening + technical learning + sparring.
Classic warm-up + Competition preparation + Theme sparring + Sparring

You have access toall sports

At the NRFight Club you no longer need to choose a discipline when taking out your subscription, you have access to all the disciplines of the club whatever the type of your subscription.

Thai Boxing / Luta Livre / English Boxing / MMA / KickBoxing / Capoeira / Cardio Boxing / Strength & conditioning / Self Defense …

NRFIGHT BY Nicolas Renier


Nicolas Renier, champion de Luta Livre et passionné de sport de combat, il crée sa propre équipe en 2009 et ouvre son 1er club en 2011.
Titré internationalement et diplômé STAPS, il souhaite donner la possibilité à tout le monde d’accéder aux sports de combat, du débutant au compétiteur, tout le monde trouvera sa place au sein du NRFight.