Nicolas Renier


Nicolas is a Luta Livre enthusiast, a Brazilian fighting style that takes place mainly on the ground. An internationally accomplished competitor, he is also a Sports & Exercise Science graduate.
Leading at the same time his international career, he decides to create his own team, his brand and his gym, in order to give everyone the opportunity to practice LL, to be able to train all day and to become themselves a champion.


- Sports & Exercise Science graduate
- Holder of grappling certificates levels 1 and 2
- First Luta Livre black belt 1st DAN of in France
- More than 10 years teaching experience.
- Responsible of Luta Livre teachers’ trainings
- Teaches in Luta Livre seminars throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.
"I always try to help my students to surpass themselves whether on the mat or outside the mat"


Give the best

It was after a trip to Brazil that I decided to open my gym in order to offer as many time slots for training as possible and give the opportunity to those who want to train as much as he wants.
I am always a competitor and my students are my training partners, and that is why I try to give the best of myself so that my students are the hardest sparring possible for my personal training.


Convey my passion

I am above all a Luta Livre enthusiast; I’m eager to introduce my sport to a maximum of people and to transmit to them the love that I have for this discipline.
I take advantage of my annual seminars in Brazil to try to renew or bring to perfection my technical skills in order to teach the most effective techniques to the students.


The secret

In my classes, I do not try to go fast or go against what the student wants for himself. It’s important to be able to adapt to everyone’s rhythm, either in the frequency of training or the ability to learn / replicate, understand principles and techniques.

My teaching style is based on 3 principles:

1. Have the fitness that helps to limit the number of injuries.
2. Have the technique that makes possible to get out of any situation.
3. Have the right attitude in combat.


France, Europe et America

I lead regularly Luta Livre seminars in Europe during which I share my technical knowledge with the trainees.
The training sessions always start with a small warm-up in which they make specific drills and movements of our sport and discover some circuit training exercises adapted to ground fighting. The technical part is the most important part of the seminars.
And I always end with a few sparring with the trainees.
Seminars are some of my favorite moments in teaching, because I meet practitioners who want to learn and who are LL enthusiasts.
For the affiliated gyms, I also supervise the belt awards in order to allow everyone to evolve and to know his level in this discipline.

No time for fancy and non-useful techniques.
Nicolas shows us effective techniques that are part of his game that he uses in competition.
He gives us the envy to surpass ourselves; his results in competitions inspire us.
He does not let go of his students and he makes them improve!
I managed to surpass myself thanks to you,
You are pride of you,
An example for the Luta Livre community and for me.