Luta livre


Luta Livre has always existed; Man has always wrestled and will continue to wrestle.
At the time the fight was used to defend oneself, the articular locks, strangulations and muscular compressions were already used.
The Luta Livre as we know it today was born at the beginning of the 20th century with the Brazilian fighter Euclydes Hatem called "TATU" and continues to evolve today in the whole world.


Luta Luta is a simple and effective fighting style.
Its objective is to quickly submit the opponent, using the strength at the right time and without getting into trouble.
Natural, Luta Livre is practiced at all levels: from beginners to advanced practitioners, and at all ages.

In few words :
-> Simplicity, Efficiency ; LL is an effective fighting style, which can be learned quickly and aims to finish the fight as fast as possible.

"Recover fitness, flexibility, confidence in yourself and a strong mindset."


Sharing and willingness to progress

The 4 phases of the training:
1. Warm-up
2. Technical Learning
3. Sparring
4. Cool down
The grapplers’ clothes must be appropriate and clean. Required equipment: Rashguard and Fight-short, mouth guard recommended; the use of groin protector is forbidden.
The atmosphere is convivial but studious.
Sharing and the will to evolve  together remains our priority.


The practice of Luta Livre allows the development of many physical qualities such as flexibility, strength, speed, coordination, balance, and cardiorespiratory endurance.
It has been estimated that one hour of practice will spend 650kcal on average, which makes it a sports activity that contributes to the body weight control of practitioners. It is a sport that promotes the development of social ties, stress relief and an increase of self-confidence.
It is a combat sport whose traumatology is relatively modest compared to other sports of the same type, given the absence of strikes and the low frequency of takedowns.
Finally, it is a sport in which, by the diversity and the richness of the techniques, can be suitable to practitioners of different ages and physical condition; therefore, Luta Livre can also claim to be practiced like a "Health-oriented" sport.

Dr. Jean-Marc Sène, Sport Physician
Physician of the French judo National team


The feeling of accomplishment and the omnipresent reflection on Luta Livre
(on the mat but also in the street, at home, while shopping, etc.).

It's a fighting style that people are not necessarily used to see, aggressive ...
BJJ guys or grappling guys do not have the same game.
The difference is an asset!
I believe that we are learning and progressing on and on.
We are constantly being tested.