Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - BJJ ( Gi NoGi )

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art in which fighters train with a Gi. In competition, a BJJ fight starts in a standing position, and the goal is to bring the opponent to the ground in order to submit him by means of joint locks such as arm locks, elbow locks, shoulder locks, or also strangulations using the collar of the kimono. If neither of the 2 fighters has succeeded in submitting his opponent, the referees will decide who wins the fight using a point system.
This sport was developed in Brazil but it is based on Judo Ne Waza. It became worldwide known thanks to the Gracie family and the UFC (Mixed Martial Arts).


Grappling is a combat sport where the fighter’s objective is to submit his opponent with joint locks, chokes or muscle slicers.
Grappling is a generic term used by UWW (United World Wrestling) since 2008 to regroup all the grappling sports / fighting systems that aim to submit the opponent.
This combat sport is essentially practiced without kimono (Grappling NoGi) although the International Grappling Federation (IGF) recently added the Grappling Gi (with kimono) and the Grappling Fight (Grappling with strikes).

Luta Livre

La Luta Livre est un sport de préhension qui s'est développé au Brésil, il se pratique uniquement sans kimono. Il tire ses fondations du catch as catch can, du catch wrestling et du submission wrestling
La Luta Livre Esportiva, comme on l'appelle aussi au Brésil, a pour principal objectif de soumettre son adversaire grâce à des clés articulaires, des étranglements et des compressions musculaires. Un système de point a été mis en place afin de départager en cas de "non-soumission".
Cette discipline est née au Brésil au début du 20eme siècle et a été enseignée, développée par Mestre Euclydes Hatem "Tatu" et la famille Brunocilla, essentiellement.

Their differences

These 3 sports have the same goal but the way to reach it remains different:

- Due to the kimono (Gi), BJJ has a more fixed style and more focused on the control of his opponent. The fighter will try to leave no space so as not to allow his opponent have any chance of gaining a control or position. Submission will only be attempted after winning points and stabilizing positions. Many ankle keys, knees are forbidden.

- Grappling, being a sport under the responsibility of a Wrestling federation, favors, by its rules and point system, Olympic Wrestling practitioners. This hybrid sport obviously has no unique style and specific philosophy attached to it.

The most efficient

- Luta Livre, practiced only without kimono (No Gi), remains the reference sport for the MMA fighters. Since the lutador cannot control his opponent with a kimono, he must be constantly moving in order to create opportunities for submission by trapping his opponent. A more fluid, movement-oriented fight style; the practitioner will seek the submission while being careful not to be dominated. Most of the possible submissions are allowed.