10 disciplines


A Brazilian ground fighting style without Gi, which involves taking the opponent down to the ground in order to control him and making him submit through strangulations, joint locks or muscle slicers.

The courses are supervised by Nicolas Renier, professor and World-class competitor. He is the 1st French Luta Livre black belt 1st Dan but also the most accomplished European competitor in ground combat without Gi.
graduated and enthusiast professor, Nicolas wants to make his combat sport more accessible to the largest number of practitioners possible.
Assistant coaches : Zoubair Bouarsa, Laurent Boucher and Nicolas Filipponi.


This kick- boxing style offers great freedom in its practice since punches, kicks, elbows and knees strikes are allowed.
graduated and diligent teacher, Roberto de Souza Gloria teaches in a convivial and serious atmosphere with Yohan Recourse.


The MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, is a combat sport mixing Wrestling, Thai Boxing / Kick Boxing and Luta Livre, which gives to the practitioner a multitude of possibilities to defeat his opponent.

Self Defense

NEW: At lunchtime, twice a week, Lady Boxing is a 100% female course.
Courses include Cardio-training, kick-boxing techniques and drills/sparring for those who desire it. There is nothing better to sweat and to relief stress during the lunch break.
This new course will be supervised by Ielo Page.


A fast and effective training at the lunch break, where you can learn to punch and kick, all in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere.
Discover Multi-Boxing with our teacher Laurent "Snoop".


Used in past in Brazil by slaves to defend themselves against their masters, this Brazilian fighting style combines combat, dance and music in a very complete combat system.

Courses are available to Baby (4-7 years), to children (8-12 years) and then to teenagers / adults.

Accessible to everyone, capoeira is taught by Nicolas "Rasta" Etienne.

Mon 1er cours de...

NEW: Focused on controlled breath placement,
Yoga intends to work on muscles and joints to develop strength and flexibility.
The postures are performed dynamically or statically, in order to restructure the muscular chains and the general sensation of the body.
A professional contemporary dancer, Marta Capaccioli practices Iyengar yoga since 2007 and teaches it since 2011.


Fight Kids is an activity for children from 4 to 12 years old, combining several combat sports, giving the child a maximum of opportunities to open up and gain self-confidence.

Boxing, Wrestling and Ground Fighting (Luta Livre).

Blue belt in Luta Livre, LL level 1 professor, holder of a French National first-level sports instructor's certificate, BMF certificates levels 1 and 2 in Pancrace and a CNMMA teaching certificate (Black belt level), Emilien Bouillart will introduce this new discipline  to children aged from 4 to 12 years old.

Renforcement musculaire

NR-Training offers you a smooth way to resume a regular physical activity and / or to improve your stamina and strength through simple and playful exercises.
Based on circuit training, the exercises are adaptable according to the fitness level of each student and according to their capacity to recover. Mickael Marie will teach you this new activity from the start of the next season.

Cardio Boxing

Au Cardio Boxing on utilise l'outil boxe pour faire travailler le systéme cardio-vasculaire de nos adhérents.
Le cours se compose d'un échauffement, d'un renforcement musculaire mais surtout de la partie cardio où les pratiquants doivent essayer de se dépasser physiquement en exécutant des techniques de boxe.

Kick Boxing